Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seattle Food and Light Workshop

Since I live part time in Seattle, I was able to participate in an amazing workshop. It was a Food and Natural Light workshop with Clare Barboza (documentary food photographer)
Clare Barboza's Spare Room Studio
The workshop was held in one of the historic lofts in downtown Seattle known for their amazing light from huge, almost floor to ceiling windows. I remember when my daughter used to model in Seattle, these lofts were where some of her photo shoots were. I fell in love with them then and was looking forward to working in one. I was not disappointed.
Fabulous for food photography layouts.
One section of Props.....there is much more

Clare has "Wall of Props" in the studio to die for. Check out the link....this is just a smidgen.
We had wonderful food prepared for us to style and photograph. Fruits & cheeses, Soup & fresh baked breads and of course an array of desserts.

Rustic bead & tomato herb soup
We would design, ..shoot... eat our props, design... shoot... eat our prop.
The lighting of course was fabulous here to shoot in. I have been able to identify better places to shoot in my own home now.
The class also helped me learn so more about my new camera. Classes like this range from newbies to very seasoned photographers and bloggers.
It was such a great way to see what others are doing in the food blogging world.

Array of texture and color
 Clare has upcoming classes in Seattle as well as other places in the country. Check out her site.

A couple of my shots of the day. Of course I had tons more that only a food blogger would be able to appreciate.
(I  planned ahead and brought some chicken and veggies as well just in case there  were not LC props for lunch)