Friday, October 21, 2011

LC Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Bar & Grill

 Wolfgang Puck's LA Live Center.
I found myself in LA all of a sudden. If you are married to an adventuring man, it is not uncommon to receive a phone call after he drives off to get new tires on the car that might sound like....
Mark:"how spontaneous are you today"
Me: w-w-what do you mean???
Mark: throw some clothes into an overnight case and let's drive to LA for a Multi-Family Housing Conference I just got a call about. (We build and own apartment communities in the NW).
Me: when?
Mark: we leave in an hour....You can do that "camera, bloggy stuff" there while I'm in my conference..
    So off we went, and yes I did my camera, bloggy stuff.
I walked around to find a nice outside seating venue. Wolfgang Puck's was the ticket.
Shaved Italian Meats Antipasto – Prosciutto, Salume, Sopressata, Artisan Cheese, Olives
The Antipasto Board at Wolfgang's was a Low Carb dream. Coupled with the organic wild greens salad with vinegar it was a feast for the eyes as well as delectable. I must go out and buy one of these wood boards just for this presentation at home.

The burrata cheese was amazing.

The Perfect Bite

  As for the "camera bloggy stuff", I  had such fun using the new Macro lens he just bought for my birthday.    
    Wohooooo.....what fun!!!

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